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From Bangkok Bustle to Beach Bliss: A 7-Day Escape to Thailand | Part 1 | Bangkok

Part 1: Exploring the Bustling Streets of Bangkok

Date: 16th - 18th July 2023

Day 1: A Vibrant Welcome to Bangkok

After an overnight flight from Bangalore, we landed in the bustling city of Bangkok, eager to kickstart our 7-day adventure in Thailand. With the early morning sun rising over the horizon, we checked into the cozy Phranakorn Nornlen Hotel, dropping our luggage and wasting no time in setting out to explore the vibrant streets.

Discovering Wat Arun and Wat Pho

Our first stop was the iconic Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn, with its stunning spires rising majestically against the skyline. We took a ferry across the Chao Phraya River to Wat Pho, where the gigantic reclining Buddha statue left us in awe of its grandeur. The intricate details and serenity of the temples offered a serene respite from the bustling city.

Wat Arun


Wat Pho


A Memorable Encounter: Truelove at Neverland and Siberian Husky Cafe

In the afternoon, we had a delightful and unforgettable experience at Truelove at Neverland - a husky cafe. Playing with the adorable Siberian huskies was an absolute joy, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with their playful nature.

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Mexican Delights in Bangkok

After a day filled with exploration, we ventured to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner. The flavors of the burritos tantalized our taste buds, and we relished the Mexican delights in the heart of Bangkok.

Exploring Chinatown’s City Vibes

As the night set in, we hopped into a taxi and made our way to the bustling Chinatown. The vibrant streets lit up with colorful lights and bustling markets, immersed us in the city’s lively atmosphere. We couldn’t help but notice the unique charm of Bangkok - from the legal shops offering cannabis products to the omnipresent 7-Eleven stores and even spotting a few Teslas on the streets.


Day 2: Late Breakfast and Retail Therapy at MBK Center

The second day was all about taking it slow. We got up late and decided to have brunch at the Snooze Cafe.

Breakfast at Snooze Cafe:

We started with a late English breakfast at Snooze Coffee House and before we started indulging in some retail therapy.

Shopping at MBK Center

We made our way to the famous MBK Center, a shopping paradise in the heart of Bangkok. The mall offered various goods, from trendy clothes to electronics and souvenirs. We bagged some fantastic deals on well-priced yet high-quality clothes for ourselves and our loved ones back home.

MBK Center also has an Indian restaurant inside the premise named as Bombay Delite, You can find good Indian Food there.

Couple of things to watch out

Travel Tip: Embrace Thailand’s Style - Shop Locally

We soon realized that it was better to leave some extra space in our luggage and shop locally during our trip. Thailand’s markets and malls offer a wide range of stylish and affordable clothing, making it the perfect opportunity to embrace the country’s unique fashion sense.

Relinquishing Thai food at The Family Restaurant

To wind up our last day in Bangkok, We decided to try the local Thai cousin at this highly-rated restaurant around our locality. It was indeed our best decision. Their coconut juice is a must-try.

Our time in Bangkok was off to a fantastic start, filled with cultural exploration, furry encounters, delicious food, and exciting shopping. As we prepared to bid farewell to this vibrant city, we looked forward to the next leg of our journey - Chiang Mai, with its serene landscapes and cultural treasures.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our adventure, as we uncover the beauty of Chiang Mai and immerse ourselves in Thailand’s cultural charm.