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Podcast with Vinod Sharma

I recently recorded a Podcast with a friend and a senior I admire, Vinod Sharma (VinodSharma10x). In this Podcast, I speak to Vinod about my career journey, about my content creation story and why I chose blogging as my medium for content creation.

I discuss my typical day, emphasizing the importance of balancing work, fitness, family time, and pursuing personal projects in the evening. I aim to contribute more to open-source projects and lead scalable solutions from scratch, aspiring towards architecture and product creation roles.

I also share my journey into content creation, highlighting my decision to write to effectively share knowledge with the community. I share my initial hesitations about camera work, my embrace of writing, and the subsequent benefits it brought to my professional life regarding recognition and building authority. We discussed my writing process, the tools I use, and my strategic approach to learning and career growth.

Watch the full video 👇👇