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From Bangkok Bustle to Beach Bliss: A 7-Day Escape to Thailand | Part 2 | Chiang Mai

If you missed Part 1 of our journey, catch up here: From Bangkok Bustle to Beach Bliss: Part 1

Part 2: Immersing in Chiang Mai’s Cultural Treasures

Date: 18th - 20th July 2023

Day 3 in Thailand: Chiang Mai Beckons

As we embarked on our journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the excitement was palpable. Packing our bags, relishing a hearty breakfast, and leaving behind the bustling energy of Bangkok, we headed to the airport for the next leg of our adventure.

Domestic gates typically open around 2 hours before departure, so it’s wise to time your arrival at the airport about 2.5 hours prior to ensure a smooth travel experience. We opted for a convenient Grab taxi to reach the airport, a common and reliable mode of transportation in Thailand.

Chiang Mai: A Tranquil Retreat Awaits

Our anticipation soared as we landed in Chiang Mai. Our accommodation was booked at the exquisite Khum Phaya Resort, nestled around 17 kilometers away from the airport. We found that the resort was a serene oasis, providing a perfect contrast to the city’s bustle.

The resort’s location, amidst an area that seemed more like an office zone, turned out to be a surprisingly well-suited choice. The property was impeccably maintained, offering impeccable service. While the cuisine was a tad on the pricey side, this was a common theme throughout Thailand, and it didn’t hinder our enjoyment.

A Serene Start: Pool Access and Relaxation

Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised with an upgrade to a Pool Access room. We decided to make the most of this luxury by spending the day enjoying the pool, indulging in delectable hotel fare, and unwinding.

By Evening, we went to the resort’s convention center where we enjoyed performances by local folk artists, about the folk tale of Hanuman and more.

Some images that I was able to capture from the live show, I will be adding videos about it soon.

Convention center show

Day 4 in Thailand: Exploring Chiang Mai’s Temples

The following day was dedicated to exploring Chiang Mai’s cultural treasures, primarily its renowned temples. Chiang Mai is celebrated for its rich spiritual heritage, boasting a multitude of temples.

Our day began with a visit to Chom Cafe for breakfast before we set out for our temple adventure.

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We kick-started our temple tour with a visit to Wat Phra That Doi Kham, a hilltop temple that offered spectacular views.


A view from inside the temple.


Moving on, we explored more temples around Chiang Mai city. Some of the temples we covered were Wat Chiang Man, Wat PhanTao, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Rajamontean and many other remarkable temples, immersing us in their architectural grandeur and spiritual ambiance.

Just a quick view of the temples we visited

Cultural Immersion and Retail Therapy

After the temple visits, we took a detour to explored local craftsmanship. We were chauffeured to two silk and gem factories where we indulged in some jewelry shopping, acquiring unique pieces that would forever remind us of this vibrant city. Also we saw some amazing craftsmanship by the local craftsmen.

Evening by the Riverside and Beyond

Exhausted from our temple run and shopping escapade, we returned to our haven at Khum Phaya Resort. After a refreshing dip in the pool, we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at “Time by the Riverside” restaurant, situated next to the Ping River that gracefully flows through Chiang Mai.

Day 5 in Thailand: Roaring Tigers and Blooming Orchids

Eager to explore even more of Chiang Mai’s offerings, we began our day early. Skipping breakfast, we embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Tiger Kingdom, a sanctuary where we had a unique photo shoot with various species of majestic tigers. This enthralling experience was followed by a visit to the Orchid and Butterfly Farm, where the beauty of nature enveloped us.

Indian Flavors and Phuket Awaits

Indulging our craving for familiar flavors, we visited “Cha and Thai,” an Indian restaurant that treated us to authentic Indian cuisine. Satisfied and energized, we were ready for the final leg of our journey. The comforting taste of home infused us with renewed vigor as we looked forward to our upcoming adventure in Phuket.

Stay tuned for the third and final part of our Thailand escapade, as we unveil the splendors of Phuket’s beach bliss and wrap up our unforgettable 7-day journey.