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Webinar: Mastering Git - Best Practices and Techniques

Event Date 13/01/2024

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On 13th Jan, I conducted a webinar, titled Mastering Git: Best Practices and Techniques.

It was a Free / Pay-as-you-wish session and a part of my earnings went to the Yuvraj Singh Foundation (YouWeCan) foundation.

50+ People registered, and Close to 20 joined the webinar and stayed through it.

I recorded the session with thoughts to Share the knowledge with a larger audience.

Hence, I strongly believe this one-hour video will be really helpful for you to get started with your git and tech journey.

In addition to the video, Please find the list of commands that will come in handy for your everyday use here

Hope you all get to learn from this session. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of the video.

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